• NATCO 2k16

    28th April - 1st May
    Göstling an der Ybbs, Austria


    For the first time ever, AIESEC in Linz has the privilege of organising the National Conference of AIESEC in Austria, NATCO.

    In NATCO you have the chance to learn even more about the organisation, meet people from all the LCs of AIESEC in Austria, and more importantly, get to know yourself better.

    The Facilitator team is more than ready to deliver you 3 tracks, each with four days of sessions, trainings and workshops designed for your current status in your AIESEC journey.

    But that's not all. After the evening plenary, you head back to your LCs, share your experience and learnings, and get "ready" for the awesome parties!

    So, four days of work and play. What are you waiting for?


    For the past few years, NATCO has been happening in JUFA Hochkar in Göstling, Lower Austria. You can expect cozy rooms, nice food, a great view and maybe even snow from this place. The only downside is that the party room is located in some floor below (see what I did there?)


    Click on the picture to go to the venue's website.

  • FAQ

    Remember, there are no stupid questions! Only stupid people.


    Help, I have a mandatory class on 28th or 29th!

    No worries! We are also students and we understand your situation. We highly recommend talking to your professor about it. Many of them have heard of AIESEC before and will be OK with you missing a course or two. Moreover, we would be more than happy to issue you a letter of excuse (in German), with the LC's stamp and everything, which you can use to further convince your professor, come to the conference, and enjoy the hell out of parties.


    Where the hell is Göstling, and how can I reach it?

    The conference will take place in JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort in Göstling. Göstling is located in Lower Austria and is most easily accessible via private transportation. For the most relevant information to you, simply approach your VP TM, they will be able to inform you about how your LC is going to arrive there.


    How much is it going to cost me?

    Unfortunately, organising a conference has it costs, which is mainly covered by its delegates. The normal price of the conference for members of AIESEC in Austria is €38 per person per night (€114 for 3 nights). Once the deadline is over and the applicants are selected, you will be invoiced through your LCs. Keep in mind this does not include the possible discount your LC might be offering to you. Contact your VP Finance and Legal, they will provide you with more information!


    For International Delegates, the conference is €40 per person per night (€120 for 3 nights). You will be invoiced after your application is accepted, and your application is only finalized after we confirm the payment is done.

    The final date for cancellation is April 1st. Any application cancelled after that is subjected to up to 100% cancellation fee.

    The final date for any changes to your registration is April 15th. Any changes after that is subjected to up to 50% of the conference fee as charges.


    For some reason I can only arrive later / depart earlier from the conference. Can I sign-up for less than 3 nights?

    The conference is designed for a full 4 day experience, so we highly recommend you to try and attend it for the full duration (we even issue letters of excuse from your course, see above). However, it is still possible to sign-up for one or two nights. Keep in mind that in case the number of applicants is more than the spots left, you might miss out on being able to attend. Delegates who sign-up for the full duration always have priority.

    Awesome Conference T-shirt. BUY ME!


    Hi, I'm loaded with money, and I want to buy all the merchandise you can offer! What do you have for me?

    Oh really? Great that you asked.
    So far we have an awesome T-Shirt planned for the conference (design will be finalized soon). Make sure to tell us your desired size in the application form, so we make sure that you don't miss out on the awesome T-Shirt.

  • Apply

    The application deadline is over. If you still want to join, you can email us at amir.mirlohi@aiesec.net , we might be able to make an exception.

  • Connect With Us

    Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, we will respond (almost) instantly! Alternatively, you can email us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!




    Who are we?

    The Organising Committee

    OC Ducks

    Proud members of AIESEC in Linz, the organising committee is committed to delivering the best NATCO ever. We can't wait to see you guys at the conference! We value open and respectful communications, so feel free to contact us any time!